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Camouflage Camouflage jacket Chimera

Camouflage jacket Chimera

SKU: 60209
Color: Moss
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Product Features

Providing a complete disguise of the user by blurring his entire silhouette

Effective masking in statics and dynamics

Versatility and ease of use with any clothing and equipment

Brand name: Stich Profi, USA
Country of Origin: Russia
Weight: 1lb
Product Description
It is a compact and with the minimum weight the most simple and easy-to-use personal camouflage tool designed to solve the problem of camouflaging special operators (snipers, scouts, hunters and other classes of users) who need full stealth and camouflage.
Features of the functional:
  • lightness and packability;
  • minimalism and simplicity of design;
  • versatility and utility;
  • providing a complete disguise of the user by blurring his entire silhouette;
  • effective masking in statics and dynamics;
  • versatility and ease of use with any clothing and equipment.
  • voluminous baggy cut to improve camouflage properties (better washout of the silhouette, in comparison with fitted clothes), as well as ease of wearing over clothes and equipment;
  • a detachable jacket with a zipper for easy dressing;
  • elasticated sleeve cuffs for easy dressing;
  • mesh fabric base to ensure ventilation (and the possibility of using in the summer) and to reduce the weight of the product;
  • sewn individual camouflage elements in the form of leaves, breaking and blurring the contours and silhouette;
  • volumetric adjustable hood that can be worn over hats and helmets;
  • transparent (does not interfere with the view and orientation) mesh for the face, integrated into the hood, protecting from insects and improving the disguise of the user - hides light, standout skin and prominent facial contours (eliminates the need to use makeup);
  • weight - 23 ounce;
  • delivery in individual packaging (bag) for storage.
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