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3-point tactical belt #2

3-point tactical belt #2

SKU: 18972
Color: Black
ИК ремиссия
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Product Features

High-strength, wear-resistant, water-repellent fabric

The ability to place and securely fix weapons on any type of uniform and protective ammunition

Ensuring maximum comfort when carrying weapons in a high alert position

Brand name: Stich Profi, USA
Country of Origin: Russia
Weight: 1lb
Product Description

3-point synthetic tactical belt manufactured by Stich Profi, with an elastic shock-absorbing element, universal, adjustable, for automatic weapons of medium and large mass-size format.


  • Ensuring maximum comfort when carrying weapons in a high alert position; 
  • Convenience and high speed of manipulation of weapons in situations of high probability of sudden fire contacts; 
  • The ability to place and securely fix weapons on any type of uniform and protective ammunition.


  • High-strength, wear-resistant, water-repellent fabric; 
  • Textile extra strong synthetic sling;
  • Hardened elastic cushioning element; 
  • Special weapons accessories of increased strength.

Design features:

3-point tactical belt No. 2 has improved operational characteristics when used during operational-tactical measures involving sudden fire contacts. The presence of an elastic shock absorber, firstly, mitigates jerks during sharp, high-speed manipulations of weapons (throwing up, dropping for access to the reserve short-barreled or melee weapon). Secondly, it guarantees increased comfort of carrying the weapon, providing a tight fit to the body and, at the same time, freedom of movement, which are fundamentally not achievable when using only rigid slings. Weapon placement methods are all that are used with any type of weaponry tactical belts, but the most ergonomic, practical are the positions with the barrel down behind your back or on your side from the side. Bringing weapons to readiness for shooting can be done instantly, without visual control, with one hand, from any position. The belt length is also instantly adjusted (with a free hand), which creates a convenient additional fulcrum when shooting. The width and level of rigidity of all textile elements of the system is the result of special practical research, testing of prototypes in various conditions, studying the developments of the best domestic and foreign manufacturers of tactical equipment.

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