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3-point tactical belt #1

3-point tactical belt #1

SKU: 18902
Color: Black
ИК ремиссия
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Product Features

The most comfortable transportation (carrying) weapons

Ensuring instant weaponization in combat readiness

Hi-tech hardened plastic and metal fittings

Brand name: Stich Profi, USA
Fabric: 100% Nylon 1000D
Hardware: 2M, D-flex
Country of Origin: Russia
Weight: 9oz
Product Description

3-point tactical belt universal manufactured by Stich Profi, textile, adjustable for medium and long models of firearms of domestic and foreign production.

Appointment :

  • The most comfortable transportation (carrying) weapons; 
  • Placing, fixing weapons in various positions that meet the requirements of the operational-tactical situation (long march, overcoming natural and artificial obstacles, maneuvering and conducting military operations in various conditions);
  • Ensuring instant weaponization in combat readiness.


  • Synthetic non-hygroscopic (water-repellent), wear-resistant, high-strength fabric; 
  • Synthetic belt type, heavy-duty, resistant to abrasion, tear, mechanical and thermal effects of the environment; 
  • Hi-tech hardened plastic and metal fittings.

Design features:

3-point tactical belt #1 provides for fixing the weapon on the owner’s body in the most a comfortable position, regardless of the features of his physique, such as uniforms and ammunition, weapons model. The presence of two points of attachment of the belt to the weapon, the adjustment system - allow you to securely fix the weapon in the selected position. When making long walking routes, march-throws, tight fit of the belts eliminates the "hanging" of weapons, saves the strength of its owner, significantly reduces the level of unmasking noise. The optimized width, stiffness, natural elasticity of the shoulder strap prevents body rubbing, excessive pressure on the shoulder, even with a significant mass of weapons and the lightest uniform. The design characteristics of this system make it possible to instantly bring a weapon from a stowed position to a combat one, including acting with one hand. The strength of all components of a 3-point tactical belt is calculated with a large margin, which allows it to be used as an insurance element, an evacuation loop, etc.

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