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First aid pouch

First aid pouch

SKU: 18678
Color: Black
ИК ремиссия
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Product Features

Velcro fixation

The presence of a valve that protects against dirt and rain

The pouch is fully opened, which facilitates access to all medical aid located inside

Possibility of placement on any line of equipment due to dimensions

Brand name: Stich Profi, USA
Fabric: 100% Nylon 1000D
Country of Origin: Russia
Weight: 1lb
Dimensions (L x W x H): 2" x 5" x 9"
Product Description
Fixation of the platform with medicines and medical aid on the main panel is carried out using a contact textile Velcro fastener and two contact metal buttons. Additionally, the platform is fixed with a Velcro flap and a textile sling with a fast-tex buckle. The panel valve is equipped with two panels: for fixing complete identification patches (with the symbol of the International Red Cross or Red Month - for Arab countries) as well as other identification marks (for example, the presence of allergies, or signs with the user's blood group).

  • An important feature of the pouch valve is to provide access to the medical aid located on the top of the roll-up platform, without removing it from the main panel. It is recommended to place the user's main harness in this zone (for the most efficient stopping of bleeding and the possibility of providing further medical care): these can be rubber harnesses (Esmarch, Alpha), turnstile-type harnesses, or others. An additional tourniquet can be placed both inside the medication platform and in a specialized pouch for the tourniquet.
  • The platform with medicines is equipped with a handle / loop for quick removal from the main panel. It is made of the main fabric of the pouch; to access its contents, the user only needs to unfasten the zipper - this provides quick and intuitive access (since the pouch is fully opened) to medicines and medical aid.
  • Inside it is equipped with pockets made of mesh fabric and cells made of elastic straps, necessary for fixing certain medical devices.
  • The pouch is attached to the user's equipment using two polymer mounts located on the main panel. The design of the bindings assumes a simple and reliable attachment to both the MOLLE slings and the user's field belts.
  • Due to its flat dimensions, applied constructive and functional solutions, the pouch is well suited for using it as part of the first line equipment (war belt / user's RPS), and the second (unloading vests and personal body armor) or the third (assault or raid backpacks).
  • It is possible to use the pouch without the main panel (to save weight) as the basis for a spare traumatic first-aid kit, placed inside the third line of equipment of a military or civilian backpack of a tourist. It is a truly versatile and reasonably handy product that is well suited for a variety of tasks and drug layouts.
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