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Medical Pouch "IPP"

Medical Pouch "IPP"

SKU: 19003
Color: Camo
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Product Features

Fast Clip fastening system

Compact dimensions

Can be used as a compact technical pouch

Brand name: Stich Profi, USA
Fabric: 100% Nylon 1000D
Hardware: 2M, D-flex
Country of Origin: Russia
Product Description

The pouch made using MOLLE-minus technology for an individual dressing package, and can also be used as a compact technical pouch.


  • Thanks to the MOLLE-minus system, this pouch has less weight in comparison with its counterparts, and greater strength due to the denser material.
  • The Fast Clip attachment system is smaller than conventional slings.
  • Compact dimensions, allow you to place not only on a plate, bulletproof vest or RPM, but also on pouches, without taking up the slot for ammunition.

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