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Plate Carrier Stich Defense mod.3 MOLLE-MINUS

Plate Carrier Stich Defense mod.3 MOLLE-MINUS

SKU: 19025
Color: Black
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Product Features

The ability to select the necessary interchangeable panels, depending on the tasks and weapons

Allows you to choose a configuration for a specific task of a soldier

It combines all the most advanced developments in the field of creating unloading systems

Brand name: Stich Profi, USA
Fabric: Squadron
Hardware: YKK, Due Emme, Stich Profi
Country of Origin: Russia
Weight: 4lb
Product Description


  • The cover is designed for slabs - SAPI and ESAPI sizes Small, Medium, Large, and Russian-made - Granite 1, 2 and 3 sizes;
  • The compartment for the slabs is zipped and has two additional compartments for the anti-crumb bag;
  • The front panel is equipped with a zippered pocket for ID and important trifles;
  • The ability to select the necessary interchangeable panels, depending on the tasks and weapons;
  • Stich Defense mod.3 adjustment slings are located under the valve on the rear panel and allow you to adjust the plate carrier to any size from 46 to 60;
  • On the back of the plate carrier there are zippers for installing a Small Assault Backpack and similar items of equipment;
  • Replaceable panels for Stich Defense (can be purchased separately), allow assembling unloads for various types of weapons (submachine gun, machine gun, sniper rifle), which makes it possible to use one plate carrier, changing its configuration in a matter of seconds to solve a wide range of tasks.
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