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Tactical Gear Medical Pouches Mount for harness (molle)

Mount for harness (molle)

SKU: 18683
Color: Moss
ИК ремиссия
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Brand name: Stich Profi, USA
Fabric: 100% Nylon 1000D
Country of Origin: Russia
Dimensions (L x W x H): 1" x 2" x 6"
Product Description
An extremely important part of medical procedures during first aid is to stop bleeding. Accordingly, no less important are the means of stopping bleeding, which include numerous variations of tourniquets.
With regard to tourniquets, the factors of ensuring quick access to them are extremely important (the speed of stopping bleeding depends on the speed of access, which means, possibly, saving life), as well as maintaining performance at the proper level without losing them. That is why it is extremely logical to completely reject the possibility of storing the main harness (for obvious reasons) in a medical pouch or an external open holder, not to mention fixing the harnesses on the user's equipment using a variety of fasteners. Taking this into account, we decided to develop a separate pouch for harnesses.

The resulting product is made as versatile as possible, to ensure the possibility of using it with harnesses of various designs - both traditional Esmarch harnesses and more modern turnstile harnesses, harnesses of the "Alpha" type, SWAT and others. Marked with its medical contents, it is equipped with the simplest and easiest access using a segment on a Velcro textile contact fastener (in addition to locking, the same segment is also responsible for adjusting the product in terms of volume), additionally a duplicated button for secure fixation. In addition, this segment has a rather comfortable loop made of a textile sling, which makes it easier to open the pouch in stressful situations. The pouch itself is equipped with a Molle mount for fixing on the user's equipment.

This is a fairly useful and versatile product, distinguished by thoughtful and sufficient functionality. They can be organically supplemented with a medical pouch or fixed separately on the first or second line. In addition, it can be attached to a third line for a spare harness, carried on a belt or simply kept in a backpack. Useful and reliable, made of modern materials, this accessory will definitely be useful for both civilians and employees concerned about their own lives.

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