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Tactical Gear Plate Carriers and Vests Stich Frame v.2

Stich Frame v.2

SKU: 18851
Color: Black
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Product Features

Can be installed on any STICH PROFI warbelt (Stich Belt, sectional, tactical, etc).

Adjustable for any height.

The ability to detach the warbelt in one motion.

Brand name: Stich Profi, USA
Fabric: 100% Nylon 1000D
Hardware: Due Emme, Duraflex, WJ
Country of Origin: Russia
Product Description

Developed by order of combat units and tested in extreme conditions, the STICH FRAME weight transfer system, for work requiring the constant wearing of body armor. Allows you to relieve up to 50% of the load from the spine, unload the shoulder girdle, and relieve pressure from the trapezius muscle, preventing pain and associated general fatigue.

This system is perfect for intensive operations in any climatic zone and type of terrain. Increases the time of comfortable wearing of body armor, reduces fatigue.

Made of frost-resistant, durable plastic and protected by 100% 1000D nylon fabric.

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